Adventures in Dining

This event moves to a different home in The Highlands at Dove Mountain each month.

3rd Saturday of each month at 6pm

Mary Beth Ursem  284-2641

Cindy Steward  334-5653

Averages $25-$29 per person per dinner

"We should look for someone to eat and drink with
before looking for something to eat and drink."

— Epicurus

"There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met."

— William Butler Yeats

Do you enjoy fine dining? Do you like to sample foods from different countries? Are you a relatively adventurous cook? Do you want to meet more people in The Highlands at Dove Mountain? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, Adventures in Dining could be for you.

All couples at The Highlands at Dove Mountain and singles and their guests are welcome. Our goal is to enjoy upscale dining at a reasonable cost very close to home. Participation is on a month-to-month basis - you don't have to go to every dinner, only the ones you that appeal to you and that fit your schedule.

The country theme for each month is decided by member consensus; recipe choices are proposed and the menu is selected at a scheduled planning meeting (it's optional - you're welcome to attend or not.) Beverages - wines or beers and sometimes liqueurs or aperitifs - are then paired with the dinner courses, based on suggestions from Tucson’s Total Wine professionals - it is NOT BYOB. Costs are pooled, shared equally - and reimbursed at the dinner. Since we began in October 2008, the all-inclusive cost has averaged $25 - $29 per person - a very reasonable price for a complete dining experience.

You'll be assigned to a host house with the intent of providing the opportunity of meeting folks you don't already know. We provide your recipe and prep tips. Host houses (volunteered) prepare the main course; there are usually 8-10 people per house. (After attending a few dinners, we will encourage you to host a dinner.)

Each month's The Highlander describes the next dinner theme.  There is also an email distribution through which invitations/responses are collected, and a paper signup sheet is provided in the library. The cutoff date for sign-up is noted in all dinner announcements. Last minute adds/dropouts are not expected.

Join us for a fun evening!