Gates, Parking & Maps

Entrance Gates
Access to The Highlands at Dove Mountain is available through any of the three entrance gates off Dove Mountain Blvd.  The North and South gates are activated by vehicle transponder until 10pm each day. After 10pm, you must enter through the Main Gate. Members and qualified renters may purchase transponders from the HOA.  A hand held transponder can be purchased for $40.

The Main Gate is centrally located between the North and South gates and is staffed by a Gate Attendant 24 hours each day, 365 days a year.

There are pedestrian gates at each of our three entrance gates. In addition, a pedestrian gate off Buckhorn Cholla grants access to the Tortolita Preserve, just west of The Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Members and qualified renters with The Highlands at Dove Mountain sticker on their windshield may use the Main Gate and be verified by the Gate Attendant.

Members expecting guests or service providers should call the Main Gate at 579-2458 in advance to let gate staff know that someone will be entering the community. Guests and service providers must register at the Main Gate before entering. Service providers must enter the community through the Main Gate.

Tailgating through the North and South Gates is strictly prohibited. Violators should be reported to the HOA office

Speed Limit:  Maximum 25mph on all roads.

Golf Car Traffic Rules:
Golf Cars must obey all vehicle traffic laws while on streets
Golf Car drivers must have a valid driver’s license
Golf Cars must stop at all street golf cart crossings. Vehicles have the right-of-way and are not required to stop at golf car crossings
Golf Cars are not permitted on Dove Mountain Blvd.

Street Parking
20 ft. street clearance must be provided at all times in The Highlands at Dove Mountain for emergency vehicles.  Street parking between 12am and 5am is prohibited and random inspections are conducted and fines may be incurred.

Street Parking is permitted during the day, but do not park on both sides of the street to ensure 20 ft. emergency vehicle clearance.  Vehicles may park in their driveways overnight with the exception of commercial vehicles and utility trailers. (Public Safety vehicles are exempt from this restriction.)

Resident owned RVs are allowed by the CCRs to park on the street in front of their home, for the sole purpose of loading and unloading, but not for longer than 72 hours within a 30-day period. Resident RVs must place high visibility traffic cones in front of and behind their RV when parking on the street.

Visitor Parking
Visitors to The Highlands at Dove Mountain that plan to stay overnight should park in the resident’s driveway or in the Clubhouse parking lot.

Residents who have visitors traveling in RVs may request permission from HOA management for the visitors to park in the clubhouse parking lot. Parking in the Clubhouse parking lot is limited to not more than seven days. It is not permissible to stay overnight or occupy an RV that is parked in the Clubhouse parking lot.

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