The Highlands at Dove Mountain Homeowners Association Rules and Regulations
Established by the Board of Directors on February 10, 2010

Table of Contents
SECTION 1  General Information
SECTION 2  Members, Qualifying Permanent Residents, Renters and Guests 
SECTION 3  Real and Personal Property / HOA Common Areas
SECTION 4  Personal Conduct and Behavior
SECTION 5  Community Safety and Risk Management 
SECTION 6  Facilities
SECTION 7  Reservations and Catering 
SECTION 8  Space / Equipment Rentals and Fees
SECTION 9  Storage
SECTION 10  Signage and Advertising
SECTION 11  Waste Disposal 
SECTION 12  Enforcement and Assessment
The Highlands at Dove Mountain HOA Rules & Regulations Document Introduction

The Highlands at Dove Mountain Homeowners Association (herein known as HOA) corporate mission statement:
Our mission is to preserve and enhance the environment at The Highlands at Dove Mountain by protecting individual property and community asset values. The Highlands at Dove Mountain Homeowners Association Board of Directors and management, utilizing effective policies, prudent fiscal management and strong leadership, will ensure that The Highlands at Dove Mountain continues to be a highly desirable community in which to live and visit, and one where courtesy and respect for others are valued.  Adopted: May 2011

To assist in achieving our mission the Association Rules and Regulations were established by the Board of Directors on February 10, 2010. The Association Rules are updated periodically to accommodate changes in other Governing Documents. This document is an abridged version of rules and regulations contained within the following corporation documents and are subordinate to the CCRs and Bylaws.

Amended and Restated Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Heritage Highlands at Redhawk, as well as several pages of Amended Resolutions

Fourth Amended and Restated Bylaws of Heritage Highlands at Redhawk Master Homeowners Association

Heritage Highlands at Redhawk Association Rules and Regulations adopted January, 1997;
Facilities Use Policy and other policies which may apply.
Architectural Landscape Design Guidelines 

Common Area Guidelines

Wash Area Maintenance Guidelines

HOA Common Area Pre-qualified Commercial Landscaper Plan, HOA Common Area Trained Resident Volunteer Plan 

Arizona Planned Communities Act and/or other Arizona Statutes

The Highlands at Dove Mountain Homeowner's Association
Also referred to as Heritage Highlands at Redhawk Homeowners Association (HOA)

Rules and Regulations Document

These Association Rules and Regulations (Association Rules) are published to aid in the governing of The Highlands at Dove Mountain Homeowners Association, herein referenced as HOA.  Their purpose is to promote health and safety and provide for the use of the common areas and facilities and the personal conduct of Members, Residents, Renters, Contractors, Guests, Employees and the general public. These Association Rules are subordinate to the CCRs and Bylaws.

All captions, titles, or heading of the Articles, Sections, and paragraphs in these Association Rules are for the purpose of reference and convenience only and are not to be deemed to limit, modify, or otherwise affect any of the provisions of or to be used in determining the intent or context of these Association Rules.

These Association Rules and any subsequent amendments shall be effective on the date adopted by the Board of Directors unless a later effective date is approved.  The Association Rules may be amended or repealed in whole or in part by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


The Association Rules shall apply to everyone within the boundaries of the HOA lands and properties.
B.Members, Residents and Renters shall be responsible for the actions of their Guests and Members shall be responsible for the actions of their Renters (Tenants).


The Community Manager shall maintain a current and accurate set of the Association Rules, which shall be available for inspection and distribution.

(Reference Non-Compliance Policy for complete details)
To promote consistency in handling violations of the HOA Governing Documents, including the Association Rules, the Board adopted a Non-Compliance Policy in March 2012.  Violations of the Architectural Landscape Design Guidelines are covered by Article III of the Guidelines and Article V of the CCRs.

All violations shall be reported to the Community Manager. HOA will verify the violation and identify the responsible Member/Owner. 
Owner will receive written notice of the violation with appropriate details.  A warning may be issued for first-time, minor violations at the Community Manager’s discretion. 
An Owner may provide written information regarding the alleged violation to contest it within 10 days of receipt of notice of the violation.  This may also indicate that the violation has been corrected. 
Where appropriate, the Community Manager may decide that a fine or penalty is appropriate.  As required, the Community Manager will consult with the specific committee involved in determining the fine or penalty.  
The Owner may appeal any fine or penalty. A Board hearing should occur within 30 days of the appeal. The decision of the Board in the matter if final. 
F.Payment and collection of fines are provided within the Policy.

Enforcement of the Association Rules and Regulations is the responsibility of HOA management and/or staff.  Members, Residents and Renters are expected to know the Association Rules and Regulations and to cooperate with their enforcement.


MEMBER/OWNER  This is a person(s) whose name(s) is on the deed of the home or lot.  By definition, every Owner is a Member of the Association as defined in Sections 1.23, 1.27 & 2.1 of the CCRs.  The term “Member(s)” is used in this document, except in Section 12.
QUALIFYING RESIDENT, QUALIFYING PERMANENT RESIDENT and  QUALIFYING YOUNGER RESIDENT  The term “Resident(s)” is used in the Association Rules and Regulations to identify all categories of “resident” as defined in Sections 1.32, 1.33 & 1.34 CCRs 
RENTER  (Section 11.11 CCRs)  A Renter (Tenant) is defined as someone who meets the requirements for renting in The Highlands at Dove Mountain as stipulated in the CC&Rs: rents for a minimum of 90 days; has an approved rental agreement on file with the HOA; and meets the age requirement for living in The Highlands at Dove Mountain. 
GUEST  (Section 1.21 CCRs)  Guest is defined as a non-resident friend or relative who is visiting The Highlands at the personal invitation and with specific knowledge and sponsorship of a Member, Resident or Renter.


Members, Residents and Renters are responsible for making Guests aware of club policies, rules, regulations and procedures. 
Guests are ineligible for membership in HOA clubs and organizations. 
Each Guest must comply with all rules and regulations applicable to any common area facility. 
Guests 18 years of age and younger may use the facilities only when accompanied by an adult (Member, Resident, Renter, or Guest). The exception to this is use of the fitness center. (See the Fitness Center use.) 
The HOA Board of Directors or Community Manager may restrict the use of any facility or the attendance of Guests at any function or activity.

(Article V, Section 5.1 CCRs; Architecture Landscape Guidelines)
Any physical or landscape modifications or additions to the exterior of a house and/or the surrounding lot must be in accordance with the HOA approved Architecture Landscape Guidelines. Applications describing the work to be done along with requests for work to proceed must be submitted to the ALC for approval. No work shall begin until the application is approved and the permit issued. Detailed information is available from HOA management.

(Section 6.2C CCRs; Common Area Standard of Care Guidelines and Programs and Protected Wash Area Standard of Care Guidelines)
Any changes or improvements to the common areas surrounding Member lots need to comply and be approved in accordance with the HOA approved documents listed above. Permit applications describing the work to be done along with requests for work to proceed must be submitted to the HOA for approval. No work shall begin until the application is approved and the permit issued. Detailed information is available from HOA management.

(Section 13.1, Section 11.4, and Section 11.13 CCRs; Facilities Use Policy; Confidential Reporting and Fraud and Mismanagement Policy; current State and Federal employment laws)

Members, Residents, Renters and Guests must exhibit conduct which will ensure the well-being of the community.  Any action or behavior resulting in unsafe conditions or practices, discourteous conduct or any action that impairs the rights and privileges of Members/Homeowners, Permanent Residents, Guests, Renters or Employees may result in a loss of privileges and/or a monetary penalty assessment. 
The HOA does not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of any kind, including, but not limited to, using profane, indecent or abusive language; any physical abuse or threat; or harassment in any form.  Any complaints against any Member, Resident, Guest, Renter, Employee, Instructor, Contractor, Volunteer, etc., should be directed immediately to the HOA Community Manager and/or the Board of Directors for corrective action.  Loss of privileges, as specified in the Non-Compliance Policy, may be imposed.

(The complete Confidential Reporting, Fraud & Risk Management Policy a list of current Board and Audit Committee members are available from the HOA upon request or may be downloaded from the Web site)

The HOA is committed to high standards in business conduct for its Board and employees. It requires that all practice honesty, show integrity and comply with the law and HOA Governing Documents while fulfilling their responsibilities. 
Anyone filing a complaint concerning a violation or suspected violation of standards of conduct, fraud or financial mismanagement must act in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates a violation. Appropriate action will be taken against individuals filing any false or malicious allegations.
All reports of suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible to conduct an investigation. 
No Board member, employee, resident or individual Owner who, in good faith, reports a suspected violation in accordance with this policy shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequences. 
HOA employees are asked to first share their questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints with their immediate supervisor. 
Non-employees should contact the Community Manager or a member of the Board. 
In the case of suspected fraud and/or mismanagement, a member of the HOA Audit Committee should be contacted.


Arizona Law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of any entrance. 
Smoking is not permitted in any HOA facility, including, but not limited to, the clubhouse, gated area of the swimming pool, and tennis courts.
Smoking is allowed in certain designated areas, beyond 20 feet from buildings and activity areas. 
Smoking is allowed on the golf course but not in the desert or dormant Bermuda areas, as fire danger is extremely high.
Proper disposal of smoking material is required.

As a courtesy to and in consideration of others, cell phones should be turned off or set on vibrate while using any of the clubhouse facilities, including but not limited to, the golf course, tennis courts, library and dining areas and while attending functions such as meetings, entertainment events, etc.

4.5 PETS
No pets are allowed in any HOA facility including the golf course with the exception of service animals. Owners of pets who are walked in HOA common areas are required to remove waste matter.  Failure to do so may result in an enforcement process.



(Article 11, Section 11.12 CCRs)

• These regulations apply to all vehicles including, but not limited to, resident-owner and commercial vehicles, service trucks, golf cars and RVs. 
• Golf cars are vehicles and subject to street parking rules 
• The HOA complies with the International Fire Code (IFC) of 2006, which requires 20 feet of clearance on its streets for emergency vehicle access.  Our streets are 30 feet wide including both curbs. 
• All traffic signs posted on the streets of the Highlands at Dove Mountain must be obeyed. 
• Violations may be subject to fines by the HOA and/or vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense. 

A. Speed Limit:  The speed limit on all HOA streets is 25 mph. 
B. Vehicle Parking Regulations

1. General Regulations

a. One side of street parking only.  
b. Maintain a 20 ft. Emergency Vehicle access clearance.  
c. No on-street parking 12am - 5am daily.  
d. One side of street parking will be followed within your line of sight. First vehicle on the street establishes the preferred parking side.  No alternating side of street parking. 
e. Do not block driveways or fire hydrants.  Allow 15 feet on either side of hydrants and 20 feet from intersections. 
f. Do not block delivery access to mail boxes or pick up for trash containers. 
g. No parking across the street from another vehicle. 

Parking passes must be clearly visible in the window or on the dashboard of the vehicle.

2. Recreational Vehicles and Travel Trailers Regulations

a.Residents may park on the street during daylight hours (dawn to dusk) for a maximum of three days, solely for the purpose of loading or unloading. 
b. Slide-out extensions are permitted only if they do not infringe on the required 20 ft. Emergency Vehicle clearance.  
c. Reflective visual cones must be positioned at the front and rear of the RVs and/or travel trailers.  
d. Limited RV overnight storage parking is permitted in the Northeast parking lot of the clubhouse by permit only. 
e. No person may occupy an RV or travel trailer overnight within The Highlands at Dove Mountain.  
f. Permit only parking is available in the northeast corner of the clubhouse parking lot.   Residents may obtain a permit through the HOA (579-9574).  
g. A one-night only clubhouse parking permit may be issued by the Main Gate attendant (579-2458) if entry occurs after 4pm on weekdays or on weekends. Contact the HOA as soon as possible if more parking time is required. 
h. Guests may not park RVs or travel trailers on the street at any time, but may use the designated area of the clubhouse parking lot on a space available basis. Contact the HOA for permits. 
3. Vendors/Contractors Parking Regulations
a. Members must instruct vendors and/or contractors regarding The Highlands at Dove Mountain Street Safety parking regulations. 
b. If vendors/contractors arrive at your property in multiple vehicles, they must be instructed to park in the clubhouse parking lot and return to your home in no more than two vehicles.  
c. All vendor/contractor access must be approved by the homeowner by calling the Main Gate (579-2458). If this contractor performs regular maintenance weekly or monthly at your home, they should be placed on the pre-approved list in your permanent file at the Main Gate.  
d. If parking on one side has already been established by an earlier vehicle, vendors/contractors will be forced to park across the street from their client unless an accommodation is made by the other vehicle’s owner. 
e. Vendor/contractor vehicles parked longer than for a delivery should place reflective cones at the front and rear of their vehicles.  
f. Vendors/contractors must make every effort to place delivered bulk materials on the property owner’s lot or in their driveway.  As a last resort, bulk material may be placed on the street in front of the owner’s property as long as it is resting on a tarp and is surrounded by an erosion barrier and reflective cones are placed at the front and rear of the material pile. 
g. No construction materials may be left on any HOA street for more than 48 hours.  


The arrival of any outside visitors, guests, service providers, delivery trucks and the like should be reported to the front gate guard.  Provide the name of the individual(s), the estimated time of arrival and a call back number if questions arise. 
Any unauthorized guest requesting access to The Highlands will be turned away if permission has not been received by the guard.
Residents are responsible for updating personal profiles on the Web site.   Residents are responsible for notifying the front desk or the front gate with a list of pre-approved vendors and guests who visit regularly.   
The Highlands is a Block Watch Community.  As such, all residents are expected to report any unusual or suspicious activity to HOA management or Front Gate security if management is not available. 
If there is an emergency, call 911.

Note: Other parts of this document provide information regarding the safe use of the Fitness Center, Tennis Courts, Golf Course and other HOA facilities.

(Rights and Responsibilities, Facilities Use Policy adopted June 17, 2009/revised August 18 2010, Article 6 CCRs)
See Section 4 Personal Conduct and Section 5 Community Safety and Risk Management for further limitations on use of HOA facilities.

Dress is Arizona Casual.  Blue jeans and denim are acceptable.  Bathing suits and bare feet are prohibited in the Grille at all times. 
The hours of operation for The Bar and Grille vary throughout the year as posted at The Grille and provided in the Week Ahead message, monthly Highlander newsletter and on the HOA web site. 
Dining areas and banquet rooms may be closed for special activities and private parties. 
Members are encouraged to charge food and beverage to their HOA account. Receipt of food and beverage must be acknowledged by signing a charge ticket, which includes the Member’s name and charge number. If the Member does not sign the charge ticket, a gratuity of 18% will automatically be added to the charge.  Cash and credit cards are also accepted. 
Outside catering from any source is not permitted in any HOA facility. All catering is done by HOA Food and Beverage.   If the HOA food and beverage areas are closed, permission may be granted for outside catering by management on a case-by-case basis.


Dress is Arizona casual. Blue jeans/denim is acceptable. Bathing suits and bare feet are prohibited. 
There is no checkout system for the library. All returned books should be placed in the cart provided. DO NOT return books to the shelves. This function is the responsibility of the library support team. 
The Library/Resource Center is multi-functional serving as a library, small meeting area, facility, social/ TV room and Internet wireless domain.
Computer stations are for use by Members, Residents, Renters and Guests only.  Users should give up a computer work station within one hour if others are waiting. 
Children 18 years and younger are not permitted to use the computers unless accompanied by an adult (Member, Resident, Renter or Guest).


Dress is Arizona casual. Blue jeans/denim is acceptable.  Bathing suits and bare feet are prohibited. 
Children 18 years and younger are not permitted in the billiard room unless accompanied by an adult (Member, Resident, Renter or Guest). 
The room is to be returned to the same condition in which it was found. 
No food or beverages are allowed on the billiard table.


All students and instructors will clean the space after use: tables, shelving, etc.  Brooms, dustpans and a vacuum are available if needed.  The custodial staff will clean floors and sinks on a regular basis.  The room is to be returned to the same condition in which it was found. 
No empty cardboard boxes should be left in the craft room, even temporarily.  All empty boxes are to be personally removed after each use, or place a note to the custodial staff on the box asking that the items be discarded.  
Lockers will be assigned and controlled by HOA staff.  Because storage is limited, use lockers and storage shelving wisely and remove projects after completion.  HOA does not assume custody of any property in storage and is not responsible for any loss or damage thereto.
Ceramic and sculpture students need to be properly trained by their instructor on how to load/unload and fire the kiln and pour molds.  Only instructors and pre-approved students are to enter the kiln room.  A fee for kiln use will be assessed. 
Due to fire safety, no flammable products should be placed or stored in the kiln room.  Nothing should be placed on the kiln at any time.  Items waiting to be fired should be placed on the appropriate shelves in the kiln room. 
From time to time other events and meetings are scheduled in the craft room.  When a meeting or event is scheduled for the craft room, students and instructors shall not enter the room for craft purposes.
G.No one is permitted to use the HOA craft room for commercial purposes.  Commercialism is defined as the mass production of the same or similar pieces for sale at outside shows or galleries.  Failure to comply may result in loss of privileges. 
H.Room use will be prioritized based on open or closed class enrollment, as defined by the instructor. 
I.Material fees will be assessed for all classes by the instructor. 
Instructors for all classes shall work cooperatively and communicate with each other regarding concerns and procedures in order to maintain quality programs. 
Specific guidelines, needs and requirements for each artistic area will be established jointly by the instructor and class members.


The Fitness Center is available to Members, Residents, Renters, Guests and Staff. 
Each individual using the Fitness Center must sign in by printing his or her name and indicating the Member lot number.  An “Assumption of Risk” disclaimer is acknowledged by signing in. 
No one under the age of 14 is permitted in the Fitness Center 
Guests between the ages of 14 and 18 must be under direct, adult supervision (Member, Resident, Renter or Guest).
Proper workout attire (shorts, tee shirts, warm-up clothes) and athletic shoes are required. Jeans, sports bras and swim suits are not allowed.
Use of Equipment:

• To avoid injury 
• Request assistance if you are not sure how to use the equipment or do not use it  
• Warm up before and cool down after any workout  
• Do not move, disassemble or remove equipment from the Fitness Center  
• Use of cardio equipment is limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting  
• Return cardio equipment to “start” position once workout is completed  
• Wipe down all equipment after use with wipes or paper towels and disinfectant provided and be courteous of others nearby when using the spray 

No food or beverage allowed in the Fitness Center, except water in non-breakable containers 
HOA is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items. 
Lockers are available as a temporary convenience on a first-come basis. Permanent storage is not permitted. Lockers are located in the restrooms in the clubhouse on the east side of the building.

(See Section 4, Personal Conduct for further limitations)

The pool/spa area is for the use of Members, Residents, Renters, Guests (six guests maximum per household) and Staff. 
Use common courtesy at all times. Take extended cell phone calls outside the pool area.  Abusive and foul language is prohibited.
A gate code is required for entry to the pool and spa and is issued by the HOA. 
It is unsafe to swim alone; no life guard is provided.
Please leave the pool during inclement weather.
A rinse shower is encouraged prior to entering the pool or spa. 
Individuals with an open wound or communicable disease may NOT use the pool or spa.
To insure safety, the gates to the swimming area are to remain closed at all times.
A bathing suit is required when entering the pool or spa. 
Swim diapers are required for non-toilet trained children. 
No swimwear is allowed inside the clubhouse except swimwear with cover-up garb is permitted in the locker room/bathroom and on the outdoor patio of the Grille. 
Lockers are available as a temporary convenience on a first-come basis. Permanent storage is not permitted. Lockers are located in the restrooms in the clubhouse on the east side of the building. 
HOA is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items. 
Beverages are allowed in plastic containers only.  Food on unbreakable dishware is permitted only under the shade Ramada. 
All trash should be placed in receptacles provided. 
Aerobic equipment and small swim aids are permitted, including noodles and armband floats. NO air mattresses, floating lounges or similar equipment is allowed. 
NO bikes, skateboards, roller blades or roller skates are allowed. 
For safety reasons, running, diving, climbing on walls, swinging on gates, throwing balls or hard objects or jumping into the pool are NOT allowed. 
Spa Safety
1.Recommended maximum time in the spa is 15 minutes. Over-exposure may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting  
2. Spa use after consumption of alcohol or while under the influence of narcotics or certain medications should be avoided. 
3. Elderly persons, pregnant women, infants and persons with serious medical conditions should consult a physician before using the spa.  
4. The spa is for hydro-therapy and is not a play pool for children. 
5. Children under age 14 must be supervised by an adult.   

Pool/Spa Hours and Restricted Use
The pool is available for adult open swimming with the following restrictions and priorities:
1. Pool hours and use are adjusted seasonally for energy conservation.  Specific hours will be listed on the HOA website and at the pool/spa.  
2. Special activities in the pool at specific hours include lap swimming, water aerobics and water volleyball.  Restricted use of all or part of the pool during these activities will be noted on the HOA website. 
3. Children under the age of 14 may use the pool from 11am to 4pm daily unless use is restricted and must be accompanied by an adult. 

Courtesy and consideration of others along with tennis court etiquette should be observed at all times. Players and spectators should not enter a court while play is in progress. Highlands Tennis Association (HTA) Members have priority for tennis court usage during Organized Tennis times and for special events and social functions.

A. Highlands Tennis Association (HTA): Participation in HTA organized tennis is limited to HTA members and guests. The men’s and women’s HTA coordinators match players of approximately equal playing ability and assign players to courts at specific times on specific days. Organized tennis is normally scheduled throughout the year.

1. Schedule for Play:  HTA Organized Tennis
a. Women - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Four (4) courts reserved for HTA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Up to four (4) more courts are reserved for a second session if needed. Signup required  
b. Men - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Four (4) courts reserved for HTA on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Up to four more courts are reserved for a second session if needed. Signup required  
c. Summer - Play begins at 7:30.  
d. Fall/Winter - Play begins between 8am and 9am. Starting times are posted on the bulletin board at the tennis courts and HTA members are notified by e-mail when starting times change. 
e. Starting times may change at the discretion of the HTA  
f. Play consists of standard sets with tie breaks played at the discretion of players 
g. Match results are not officially tabulated.  
h. Assigned courts that remain vacant for 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time will be available for open tennis.   
2. Signup
a. HTA organized tennis coordinators have final say in all scheduling matters, including, but not limited to, time and court assignments.  
b. Sign-up sheets are posted on HTA bulletin board at tennis courts seven (7) days prior to matches. 
c. Sign-up sheets are collected at noon the day before scheduled matches. 
d. A player who cancels before sheets are collected must cross out his/her name; no other player may use this position on the sign-up sheet.  
e. The first 32 players signed up have priority for match scheduling. 
f. The match coordinators make every effort to schedule four (4) players on each court.  The order of signup does not guarantee inclusion in a match. 
3. Match Schedule
a.Coordinators will match players having the same USTA rating if possible or players with a .5 rating level difference will be assigned  
b. Normally, players will not be matched with players more than a .5 rating level above or below  
c. Example:  A 3.5 rated player could be matched with a 4.0 or 3.0, but not a 2.5. 
d. Gender substitutions may be made if there are insufficient players to complete the schedule  
e. Match and courts assignments are posted on the bulletin board by 6 pm the day before schedule play.  
f. If a player must cancel after matches are posted, he/she must find a comparable substitute. 
g. If no substitute can be found, the cancelling player must notify the other assigned players that the match is cancelled.   

B. Tennis Court/Equipment Use (Open and HTA)
Members, Residents and Renters may reserve courts, except when in use by the HTA.  A reserve-court sign-up sheet is available on the bulletin board at the tennis courts.  Otherwise, courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

a. The tennis courts are to be used for tennis activities only. 
b. No food or beverages, other than water or sports drinks, are permitted on the courts. All trash should be placed in the containers located on or outside the courts.  
c. Appropriate tennis attire shall be worn at all times.  Tennis dresses, skirts, shorts, tennis tips, collared shirts, t-shirts and tennis warm-ups are acceptable attire. Tank tops, blue jeans/denim, and cutoffs are prohibited. 
d. Only tennis shoes (no black soles) are allowed on the court surfaces. 
e. All players should leave the courts promptly when their court time expires (two hours max), if others are waiting to play. HTA events may alter this time frame. 
f. Guests may use the tennis courts provided court time is not being taken from Members, Residents, Renters or HTA members. 
g. Guests 18 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult (Member, Resident, Renter or Guest) who is responsible for court etiquette.  
h. The ball machine on court #4 may be reserved for one-hour increments.  Non-HTA members may get keys for the machine at the HOA reception desk in the clubhouse, Monday through Friday, during regular business hours. 
i. New HTA members and non-HTA members MUST receive orientation on the machine before using it.  Orientations can be arranged by calling the HHTA president whose number is listed on the bulletin board at the courts.  
j. The ball machine easily accommodates four (4) or more players.  Sharing is encouraged.  

(Sections 13.1, 14.1, 14.2 CCRs)

The establishment of these rules and regulations by the HOA are intended to insure that all may enjoy the golf course.  Enforcement is the responsibility of HOA management and/or staff.  Members are expected to know the HOA rules and regulations and to cooperate with their enforcement. 


1. The HOA is not responsible for any loss or damage to any property used or stored on HOA property. The golfer releases the HOA and its staff from any and all causes of actions, claims and liability with respect to any loss or damage to any property used or stored on HOA property.  
2. All golfers shall abide by any and all rules, regulations, and policies established by the HOA. The HOA reserves the right to change the rules, regulations and policies at its discretion.  
3. Golfers shall not reprimand any HOA employee.  Complaints about service or demeanor of an HOA employee must be submitted in writing to golf management.  Remedial action will be taken as required.  

The golf course is available to all Members/Owners, Residents, Renters, Golf Members, as well as Guests and the general public.  The HOA Board has the right to implement a tee time allotment system.
All golfers must register in the Golf Shop at least ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled tee time or they may lose their starting time.  Golfers are responsible for the payment of all golf fees and merchandise and food and beverage purchases. 

The hours for use of the golf course and its facilities and Golf Shop hours are posted in the Golf Shop and the HOA website. Hours are subject to change depending on weather and/or golf course conditions.  The Director of Golf in consultation with the Golf Course Superintendent shall determine when the golf course is playable and such decision shall be final.  Information on golf course conditions is available at The Highlands web site or by contacting the Golf Shop. 
Golfers should request tee times through the Chelsea Reservation System (  Training and instructions for using Chelsea are available from Golf Shop staff. 
The HOA reserves the right to make reservations up to 12 months in advance for group and tournament events. In addition, the HOA permits advance booking on a limited basis for some select hotels, resorts and golf travel agency organizations, at the discretion of the HOA Board. 
All HOA golfers shall notify the Chelsea system of all cancellations by noon the day prior to the scheduled tee time or by contacting the Golf Shop after the noon deadline.  Failure to do so may result in penalty points being charged to the account of the responsible golfer. 
The golf course may be reserved for authorized league play.  Other players will be accommodated during these times on a space available basis.  

Annual Golf Membership
(Annual Pass Holders)
All golf fees are reviewed annually by the Board. 
Annual Pass Holders are entitled to unlimited use of the golf course and practice facilities, subject to availability. 
Annual golf membership does not include entry fees for special events, including, but not limited to, member/guest tournaments, member/member tournaments or club championships. 
Annual golf membership and golf car rental fees shall be billed monthly in advance and are due when billed even if the Annual Pass Holder does not play. 
HOA Members and Annual Pass Holders are required to play with their Guests. Applicable Guest fees must be paid.  HOA Members and Annual Pass Holders are limited to inviting the same local Guest (fewer than 100 miles distance), to no more than two (2) times per month or 30-day period.  Out of town Guests (more than 100 miles distance) are limited to no more than five (5) times per month or 30-day period.  
Golf playing privileges for annual members are non-transferable and playing privileges may be suspended or revoked for non-payment of monthly fees.  
Any HOA Member or Annual Pass Holder failing to abide by any of the rules, regulations and policies of the HOA may be subject to having playing privileges suspended and/or revoked.  

Tournaments and Clinics
The HOA reserves the right to make the golf course and practice range available for tournaments, clinics and other special events.  Use of the golf facilities may be restricted at these times. 
Only the professional golf staff is permitted to provide golf instruction unless otherwise authorized by the Director of Golf.  Lessons should be scheduled through the Golf Shop.  Lessons not cancelled at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance may be subject to a fee. 
No golf tournaments of any kind or play by any group of five (5) persons shall be permitted unless approved in advance by the Director of Golf. 
Handicaps must be used in all organized competition.  To establish a USGA handicap index, consult the Golf Shop.  An annual fee is charged to maintain a USGA handicap index, which includes AGA or AWGA membership.  Players with handicaps are required to post adjusted scores on one of the handicap computers at the Golf Shop or via the Internet. Ask for details on handicaps and Internet posting at the Golf Shop.  

Equipment and Attire
Each golfer must have a set of golf clubs.  Sharing is not permitted. 
Proper attire is required for all golfers on the course and practice facilities.

Proper Attire Men: Collared shirts or turtlenecks with sleeves, golf or Bermuda shorts, or slacks.  
ii Proper Attire Women: Golf shirts, golf or Bermuda shorts, skorts, golf dresses, or slacks.  
iii NOT PERMITTED: Tee shirts, tank tops, blue jeans/denim and cutoffs, tights/leggings, gym clothes, and bathing suits.
iv Only soft cleat or spikeless golf shoes and other soft soled shoes shall be worn on the golf course and practice areas.  For the safety of our golfers, shoes must be worn at all times.

Golf Car Use
(See Section 5.1 Traffic and Parking Regulations for general use of golf cars throughout the community)
(Golf cars are very tough on the turf.  Keeping the golf course in top condition requires the cooperation of all those who play.  Help protect the golf course by driving in a responsible manner.)
Golf cars are operated at the risk of the driver.  The cost of repairing any damage to golf cars or the golf course resulting from improper operation will be charged to the Member at the time the damage occurs. Each Member is responsible for any Guest causing damage. 
Only golf cars provided by the HOA or otherwise approved to operate on HOA property will be permitted on the golf course. 
The Director of Golf and the Golf Course Superintendent will decide when the golf course turf is able to handle golf car traffic and may restrict use to cart paths only.  Golf cars shall remain on golf cart paths when required.  
Golf cars should be driven across fairways in a scattered pattern, avoiding soft areas.  
Traffic regulations and golf course directional signs must be obeyed at all times, unless made an exception by the Medical Flag procedure. 
HOA owned golf cars may be used on the golf course only during approved hours of golf play, unless otherwise authorized. 
HOA owned golf cars may be operated only by persons having a valid driver’s license. 
A foursome/tee time shall be limited to no more than two golf cars on the course at one time to reduce turf compaction.  If more than two golf cars are used, the excess shall remain on the cart path. 
A maximum of two (2) riders and two (2) golf bags per golf car is allowed. 
The use of a privately owned golf car on the course is granted by the HOA and is a non-assignable license and privilege which may be terminated if abused.  
Privately owned golf cars to be used on the golf course must comply with standards for course protection as determined by the HOA Board and/or Management.  
All privately owned golf cars must be four-wheel, battery-powered vehicles. 
Members with private golf cars are required to ensure that individuals operating the golf car do so in a safe and prudent manner, whether on the golf course or on HOA private streets, in accordance with all traffic regulations. (Section  V, Community Safety and Risk Management)  
Privately owned golf cars shall only be driven on the golf course when the golf course is open for play.  Golf car traffic on the golf course is restricted to nine and eighteen hole rounds of play.  Starting times must be scheduled as provided herein. (See “D” below for exceptions.) 
No privately owned golf cars will be repaired by golf course employees nor stored or recharged at HOA facilities without prior approval by the Director of Golf. 
The course closes for approximately three (3) weeks in the fall (September/October) for overseeding.  Golf staff will enforce a mandatory, no exceptions, car path only policy for approximately thirty (30) days after reopening.  Golf management will decide when golf cars will be permitted back on the golf course turf. 
Medical Flags
The Medical Flag Policy is adopted in consideration of those who desire to play golf at the Highlands at Dove Mountain and are unable to play without restrictions due to legitimate physical limitations. The intent of this policy is to maintain The Highlands pace of play program, while allowing players to enjoy the entire course. The following guidelines set the standard for player compliance under this Medical Flag Policy.
This policy is designed to provide a Qualified Player with a flag to be displayed on the golf car that permits the driver to access normally restricted areas of the course.
• The Medical Flag privilege is limited to the Qualified Player  
• Applicants must present a Medical Certificate signed by their physician on their letterhead (prescriptions are not accepted), or a copy of their state issued disability plate or placard. 
• Flags are to be displayed prominently at all times. 

The RED Handicap Flag is an annual medical disability flag valid from January 1 – December 31.  A new Medical Certificate signed by your physician or a copy of your state issued disability plate/placard must be submitted yearly. The onetime charge for the Medical Flag will be paid by the program participant.


• Keep golf cars at least 30 feet from the greens
• Do not drive in front of the greens
• Privilege is for the flag holder only – not for use by your cart mate or spouse
• No Parking

 • In front of any green 
 • Hole 2 right side of green in swale  
 • Hole 10 left side of green  
 • Hole 14 left side of green  
 • Hole 16 right side of green  
• Hole 7 – ALL golf cars to remain on paths at all times

The Medical Flag program is solely for the Qualified Players and not for the benefit of others.
Violations of this program may result in the following:
1. First Offense – Verbal warning
2. Second Offense – Thirty day loss of medical flag privilege
3. Third Offense – Termination from Medical Flag Program 

Jogging, cycling and dog walking are not allowed. 
No skate boards, roller blades, or other forms of transportation, with the exception of golf cars, are allowed on the golf course. 
No fishing is allowed in the lakes on the golf course unless authorized by HOA management. 
“Walk on the Wild Side” Program
So that all Members, Residents, Renters and Guests can enjoy the beauty of the golf course, the HOA allows use of the golf course car paths as follows:
The golf course is open Thursday morning between sunrise and 11am unless otherwise restricted by HOA management. 
A Member, Resident or Renter must accompany any Guests. 
Anyone on the golf course during this time must remain on the paved paths. 
Use is restricted to walkers and golf cars only. No other types of transportation are permitted.
No pets are allowed. 
Golf course maintenance staff and vehicles have the right of way. 
Be aware that the golf irrigation/sprinkler system may run at any time. 

All play shall start at the Number One and/or Number Ten tee or as a shotgun unless otherwise authorized.  Under no circumstances shall players start play randomly. 
In the event that play is involuntarily discontinued due to weather or closing of the course, non-annual pass holder players will be issued a credit for golf charges paid for such rounds as follows: fewer than three (3) holes played – full credit; more than three (3) holes but fewer than twelve (12) holes played – fifty percent (50%) credit; twelve (12) or more holes played – no credit given. 
Practice is restricted to designated areas.  No practice shots are permitted on the golf course.
Ball hawking is not permitted on the course. 
Balls may be retrieved from water hazards from their perimeters only. No wading into water hazards or lakes shall be permitted. 
The USGA Rules of Golf shall govern all play, except as modified by local rules.
USGA golf etiquette shall be practiced at all times.
Pace of play is monitored and guidelines are available from the Golf Shop. 
No player shall have more than one (1) ball in play, except as allowed by the Rules of Golf. 
All players shall repair ball marks on greens and all divots through the green and rake smooth sand bunkers.  Bunker rakes are to be placed outside the bunker after use. 
Players stopping between nines must obtain permission from the Golf Shop to resume play if they miss their position on the tee. 

(See Facilities Use Policy for more details)
Special Events:  Tickets for HOA sponsored events can be purchased from the HOA. Cancellation for a full refund MUST occur two full business days (48 hours) prior to the event.

Special Parties/Catering:  Arrangements for catering for special and/or private events/parties must be planned through the Food and Beverage Department. 
Catering in a private room, other than the ballroom, requires a minimum of 25 people. Menu pricing will apply including gratuity and sales tax. 
Non-residents may register for an HOA sponsored activity or event on a space available basis for an additional fee as approved by the Community Manager.

(Section 13.1, 13.2 CCRs)

Organizations may rent space at HOA facilities when it will not unduly inhibit ongoing activities.
HOA may rent its facilities for community activities that benefit Members. 
Space used for private functions by Members, Residents or Renters who choose to invite non-HOA members will be considered a rental and subject to fees. 
HOA Management may reject rental requests considered inconsistent with HOA policy. 
HOA does not permit groups to hold fundraisers without advance written approval.  Programs or activities such as concerts, movies, dances and other similar events, competing with HOA, will not be approved as fundraisers. 
HOA does not permit political meetings or debate without advance written approval.  An elected official or candidate should be present at such meetings or debates.  Political petitions, public referendums, initiatives and other material may be distributed within the meeting only.  Official government meetings, debates or other activities, such as voting, are allowed if approved in advance by HOA management.  Materials may be distributed during those events but must be removed at the conclusion of the event.


All requests to reserve space in HOA facilities must be made through the HOA office in person, by mail, electronically or by telephone and must be approved by the HOA.
Conflicts over reservation space shall be resolved using the following prioritization:
1. Annual festivals and performances
2. Regularly scheduled club events (weekly and monthly)
3. Activities Staff (special events, classes, concerts and other programs)
4. Annual community events
5. One-time special event or party
6. Private resident function
7. Community and annual rentals

HOA management reserves the right to deny space to any individual or group when it places HOA in an undue position of liability, or when there is a risk of damage to the facility and/or its contents. 
HOA reserves the right to use its facilities for any HOA sponsored event of community interest, which supports and benefits Members.
HOA management is authorized to develop and implement facility use fees to offset the direct cost of such activities.
All meeting room use must have authorization before occupancy. 
HOA management is authorized to prohibit commercial usage of the facilities. 
HOA management is authorized to monitor facilities to ensure proper use.  
Volunteers may be solicited by the HOA to assist in operational capacities.
HOA management is authorized to rent facilities for a fee for private sales, weddings, socials and banquet activities, and other activities consistent with the HOA mission.


HOA will maintain adequate levels of equipment to serve the ongoing needs of all activities. 
Equipment is not available for off-site use.  Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis by the Community Manager. 
Use of the HOA piano must be authorized by the HOA. 
Only authorized personnel and trained Members are permitted to operate audio visual equipment.

(Facilities Use Policy and Leisure Education Policy) 

In general, no use fees are charged to HOA qualified groups. 
A facility use fee structure is established. 
Rate sheet is available from HOA management.
Leisure Education Program
In general, with the exception of state education-sponsored programs, The Highlands at Dove Mountain Leisure Education Program is open only to Members, Residents, Renters and Guests.  Exceptions may be made by the Board or Community Manager. 
Leisure education opportunities may be offered by HOA staff, qualified volunteers or professional instructors. 
The Community Manager will decide whether class and activity is in the best interest of the HOA. 
All instructors will be required to sign a contract with the HOA.
HOA will assure that individuals teaching/instructing a class or activity about health, fitness or well-being are qualified. 
Qualified volunteer instructors may charge a fee for materials and supplies but will not be charged a use fee and will be covered by HOA liability insurance.  
All instructors charging a fee for services shall pay a percentage of their revenue for facility use and maintain their own liability insurance. 

Rental Cancellation 
HOA has the right to cancel a rental reservation contract for just cause with at least 24-hour notification and written confirmation. 
HOA is to be notified of a cancellation at least seven (7) days prior to the reserved date.  A cancellation fee may apply. Rental groups who do not give at least a two-day notice will be required to pay the full rental fee.

Insurance and Liability
All non-member groups are liable for any damage to the premises, the furniture or other contents due to negligence or willful misconduct. 
All non-member groups are liable for any injury to any individual due to negligence or willful misconduct. 
Proof of liability insurance is required by outside contractors. 
HOA encourages non-member groups to acquire special event liability insurance in a minimum amount of $1,000,000 when planning large one-time events.
Liability, property and any other insurance maintained by HOA does not include any in favor of non-member groups or community service organizations. HOA does not provide worker’s compensation to outside entities. 
Approved volunteer instructors are covered by HOA liability insurance.

(Facilities Use Policy adopted June 17, 2009)

Limited storage is available at HOA facilities. 
Use of HOA storage areas must be approved by HOA.
HOA does not assume custody of personal property in storage and is not responsible for any loss or damage thereto. 
HOA reserves the right to assign, change or limit storage space.

(CCRs, Board Res 9-10; Solicitation, Canvassing and Political Signs Policy; AZ Planned Communities Act)

No owner may display any sign or billboard of any kind on any portion of a Lot, except as approved by the Board of Directors. (Section 11.3 CCRs) 
Signs must be of professional quality and appearance, or Realtor® supplied. No handwritten, unprofessional signage will be allowed. 

Residents may display political signs no earlier than 71 days before the date of an election and three days after the date of an election. 
The number of political signs on an Owner’s property is not limited, but the maximum aggregate total dimensions of all political signs shall not exceed nine (9) square feet.  

Signs used in the community generally shall not exceed 24” x 28”. One sign rider generally may be used which shall not exceed 6” x 24”. If a lot is being offered for both sale and lease, then two signs are permitted. 
Only one (1) sign shall be permitted per lot, positioned directly on the lot in front of the house. 
Sign colors shall be the standard colors used by local real estate companies or similar. No iridescent or unreasonably bold colors shall be allowed.  

Owners may install a maximum of three (3) signs disclosing that the Lot is protected by a security system. These signs may be placed on or around the lot (Section 11.3 CCRs)

Door to door solicitation or canvassing is prohibited within The Highlands at Dove Mountain. This includes political solicitation. Under Arizona law, a planned community that restricts vehicle or pedestrian access has the right to prohibit political solicitation.

(Section 11.8 CCRs)

All Members must subscribe for waste disposal with the HOA contracted waste disposal company. 
Members may use receptacles provided by the contracted company or purchase their own. 
All trash must be placed in a closed receptacle.  Plastic trash bags are not to be placed at the curb for pick up.  Recyclables may be placed at the curb in the open recycle bin. 
Members may place receptacles at the curb the night before pick-up but not sooner than 5pm.  All receptacles must be stored out of sight of neighbors, the streets or common areas not later than 8pm on pick-up day.

(HOA Non-Compliance Policy, CCRs, Arizona State Laws)

Owners and others authorized to use HOA facilities, shall be bound to comply with all Governing Documents of the HOA. The HOA, through its Board of Directors and in accordance with Article XVI, Section 16.1 of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), shall promulgate and enforce the provisions of the Articles, Bylaws , CCRs,  Architectural  Landscape Guidelines, Common Area Standard of Care Guidelines and Rules and Regulations. 
All violations are governed by the Non-Compliance Policy for The Highlands at Dove Mountain, except that the administration of violations of architectural/landscape controls, including appeals, are governed by Article III of Architectural Landscape Design Guidelines and Article V of the CCRs 
An Owner who violates a provision of the HOA Governing Documents will receive appropriate notification of the violation by certified/first class mail. The written notice will contain at the least a description and date of the violation or the date the violation was observed and the name of the person confirming the violation.  If appropriate the Owner will be advised of action that may be taken to remedy the violation or contest the notice. 
A copy of the Non-Compliance Policy is available on request from the HOA or on the HOA Web site.  This policy defines in detail the process used by the HOA to administer non-compliance, as well as options available to the Owner.