If you love racket sports, you'll love The Highlands at Dove Mountain.

Tennis and POP Tennis
The Highlands at Dove Mountain is a USTA Member Facility with four lighted, wind-screened Nova Pro XP synthetic grass courts. Our tennis program includes players of all skill levels.  The Association is comprised of approximately 140 members, comprised of both homeowners and outside members.  Tennis Association dues are $15 per year for homeowners and $315 per year for outside memberships.

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Regular Tennis
Organized doubles for men is provided throughout the year with matches on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Women play organized doubles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Open tennis is available to anyone in the afternoons and evenings. The Highlands at Dove Mountain Tennis Association also schedules several social events during the year.  If you’re looking to improve your game, a local pro offers lessons and drills at competitive rates during the winter months.

POP Tennis
POP Tennis is a new and exciting racket sport at The Highlands at Dove Mountain which is played on a tennis court, using a tennis ball, but with a paddle instead of a racket, a much smaller doubles court than regular tennis, and an underhand serve rather than a typical tennis overhand serve.  POP Tennis doubles follows regular tennis each day of the week with drop-in play.  Later in the afternoon and evenings, courts can be reserved for organized group play.

This game is much like tennis but on a smaller court, with a solid paddle and a ball much like a wiffle ball.  Pickleball is much easier to learn and requires less running so it's easier on joints. 

Pickleball at The Highlands has a very active club of 190 members.  There are two designated courts which were built in 2013.  It is a very social group and has drop-in as well as reservation times. The $10 yearly dues fee covers expenses including the pickleballs.  Free lessons are available upon request.  Come out and learn the game! It's fun and easy to learn.  There is a contact sheet in the library on the wall. 

Pickleball at The Highlands

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