Floor Plans

Our builder US Homes / Lennar built over 20 different floor plans in the community. Many homes were built with flexible options to the standard offering.  They are grouped by size category.  You can click on the model name or on the floor plan below to see a larger image.

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1100-1699 sq. ft. 

  The Aspen / Ranger

1,111 sq. ft.   

The Keystone / Prospector

1,377    sq. ft. 


The Durango
1,468    sq. ft.

The Chesapeake
1,602    sq. ft. 


The Salem
1,522    sq. ft.


The Aurora / Wrangler

1,605    sq. ft.  


1700-2099 sq. ft

 The Carson / Hillsboro

1,702   sq. ft.

   The Monterey 
 sq. ft.

The Portland
 1,832  sq. ft.

The Fresno / Butterfield 
1,953  sq. ft.  

  The Santa Rosa/ Dragoon

2,020   sq. ft. 

  The Medford / Gadsden

2,061   sq. ft.  


The Rainier

 2,086  sq. ft. 


2100-2600 sq. ft.

The Sentinel
 2,157  sq. ft.

The Napa / Goldfield
2,267  sq. ft.  

The Whetstone / Tahoe
2,407  sq. ft.

The Everest
  2,334  sq. ft.

The Santa Barbara / Pinnacle
 sq. ft.